April 15, 2013

Main dishes perfect for spring!

No time lately to post new recipes so in the meantime, I'm reposting from the month of April from 2010, 2011, and 2012 so you can find some great recipes for this in-between winter and summer transition.

From April 2010 including shrimp, black bean & avocado salads, pita sandwiches with homemade falafel, slow cooker sloppy joes, strawberry pancake roll-ups, roasted eggplant and red pepper sandwich, strawberry pancake roll-ups and more!

From April 2011 including southwest shrimp salads with lime vinaigrette, pasta with asparagus and bacon (pictured above), calzones, smoked salmon egg salad, soup, pork tenderloin and more!

From April 2012 including a few soups, parmesan crusted chicken, pot roast, muffin tin frittatas, chicken sesame stir fry, pesto pasta bake, pan-fried pork chops, and more!